Kadhampa Australia

The Kadhampa Buddhist Society of Australia (Kadhampa Australia) is made up of a group of people on the path to explore what Buddhism means in our daily lives. At Kadhampa Australia, we are committed to follow the Kadhampa tradition and teachings closely, as taught by our lineage Gurus. In line with the objectives of our worldwide affiliates, our focus is also on propagating the Buddhadharma of loving kindness, compassion and wisdom, and also on preserving Buddhist culture and heritage, to benefit the community as well as anyone who is interested to learn more.

The Kadhampa Tradition

The Kadhampa tradition is a Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist school founded by Dromtonpa, a Tibetan lay master and the foremost disciple of the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha (982 – 1054). Dromtonpa passed three lineages of practice to his disciples that continue till today. The Kadhampas are famous and respected for our proper and earnest Dharma practice. The most evident teachings of that tradition are the teachings on the Bodhicitta (the will to attain complete enlightenment in order to be of benefit to all sentient beings) and the teachings of the path to enlightenment (‘A Lamp for the Path’ written by Atisha).

Kadhampa Australia’s Society Objectives

  • To practise and proclaim the teachings of the Buddha so that sentient beings, regardless of race, gender and political affiliation, can be liberated from the suffering that manifests in individuals, relationships, institutions and social systems
  • To nurture followers in their pursuit of enlightenment through providing opportunities for Buddhist teaching, meditation, worship, retreats and the researching and publishing of religious books
  • To foster a spirit of fellowship, co-operation and goodwill among all religions and cultures and represent the Buddhist perspective on social and ethical matters in inter-faith forums, education programs and in spheres where humanitarian, environmental and social justice issues are discussed
  • To build solidarity with people disadvantaged by society’s political, social and economic arrangements
  • To provide compassionate support and services for the direct relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness in Australia and overseas
  • To facilitate dealings with government, the private sector, other organisations, the media and the public in general to further Buddhist ideals of unity and peace.