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Kadhampa Australia offers a wide range of activities and events for people at different levels of practice and interest. Events vary from teachings, chanting, meditation, guru puja, candle offering, qigong and more.


Buddhism for Beginners

This course is aimed at people who would like a more structured understanding of Buddhism. Key Buddhist concepts such as ‘reincarnation’, ‘karma’ and ‘impermanence’ are discussed in each class followed by discussions, questions and answers.

Advanced Buddhism

This is a course designed for those seeking advance understanding of Buddhism. The key Buddhist literature used in this class is the ‘Lam Rim’ or ‘The Great treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment’. This is a text written by Je Tsongkhapa, a great Tibetan Buddhist scholar in the 14th century. This is a treasured text because like a road map, it spells out the steps in the journey towards enlightenment. At the society, we are also committed to abide to the Kadhampa tradition and teachings closely as taught by our lineage Gurus.

Dharma Class for Children on Sundays

Kadhampa Australia sees challenges as opportunities to explore new and innovative ways to reach young people with the messages of the Buddha. We believe that young people that learn to be wise, compassionate, selfless and disciplined build strong foundations for their success in the future and help contribute to a better community

Meditation / Qigong Classes

When you focus your mind, you concentrate better, when you concentrate better, you can accomplish more. Whatever you do, you do it more effectively when you meditate. This attitude of paying attention can help transform everything we do into a form of meditation.

Qigong exercise gently incorporates the mind, breathing and body to help cultivate and promote circulation of ‘qi or ‘life force’ within the human body. It offers excellent benefits to physical and mental well-beings and can be practiced by everyone regardless of age. It is especially helpful in reducing stress-related ailments.

‘In Conversation with a Monk’

Do you have a question about Buddhism or want to learn about a Buddhist perspective on life? No matter what your question is, this conversation is a perfect opportunity to open up a topic of your choice. You are welcome to call for an appointment and have a chat with the Abbot.

Longevitology Adjustment Sessions

Longevitology is a method of channelling the energy from the universe to strengthen the energy (qi/chi) of the body, enabling our metabolism to improve, thus diseases would then be rectified. Longevitology adjustment sessions are held weekly at our Centre, by qualified and trained volunteers for the benefit of the community.

Other community services

We also provide Buddhist religious services such as house warming blessing, funeral and other related services.


Abbot / Religious Advisor  – H.E. Gontug Rinpoche

Consultant – Daniel Choo

Executive Committee:

Badriya Lee – President

Garry Gray – Vice President

Steven Chia – Honorary Secretary

Yin Mei – Honorary Treasurer

Anurag Vaishnav – IT & Web Services Director

Non-Executive Committee:

Keng Meng Lee

Belinda Chew