Kadhampa Buddhist Centre Expense Fund

One of the traditional characteristics of Buddhism is that the teachings of the Buddha are made freely available to those who wish to receive them.  Following this tradition, at Kadhampa Buddhist Centre no charge is made either for teachings and other activities conducted by the Centre. The Centre runs entirely on a donation basis, and depends for its continued existence and development upon the generosity of its lay supporters.

Donations will go towards the maintenance of Centre premises: rental of Centre, insurance, utilities (electricity, gas, and water), telephone and web hosting.

Any amount of donation is welcome.  But we encourage you to consider the following two types of donation (with specific benefits accompanying the donation):-

As Friend of Kadhampa           –           $100 and above

As Patron of Kadhampa          –           $1,000 and above

(Australia: Non-Tax Deductible)


Friend of Kadhampa

Patron of Kadhampa

Blessing service for Patron and his / her immediate family members throughout the year by Rinpoche


Dedication of merits to Patrons at end of each religious gathering



Patron’s photo & name will be displayed near the Buddha’s relics


Making this gift in memory of your departed love one

Blessing service for oneself throughout the year by Rinpoche 


Sponsor’s name displayed in the shrine





 BUDDHIST TEACHING in the 21st Century

The 21st century brings new challenges and opportunities to the teaching of Buddhism. One of these challenges is the teaching of Buddhism to young people. People that are in schools are generally consumed by competitive school work and social activities that leaves very little time and opportunity for them to learn the practical wisdoms of Buddhism.  Kadhampa Australia sees these challenges as opportunities to explore new and innovative ways to reach young people with the messages of the Buddha. We believe that young people that learn to be wise,  compassionate, selfless and disciplined build strong foundations for their success in the future and help contribute to a better community.  This invitation is to seek patronage on a series of innovative programs initiated by the Kadhampa Australia youth program (Australia: Non-Tax Deductible).

 Kadhampa Dharma Children Program (click to link)



1)      Online Payment via PAYPAL (secured site)


2)      For Australians, you can pay by the following payment options:-

Crediting our bank account
Account Name : Kadhampa Buddhist Society of Australia
Bank : Commonwealth Bank, Preston, Victoria
BSB Number : 06 3163
Account Number : 06 3163 10532484
Payable to Kadhampa Buddhist Society of Australia
(Please send your cheque to: 614 Highbury Rd, Glen Waverly, VIC 3150
Pay by cash to the resident abbot at the temple(614 Highbury Rd, Glen Waverly, VIC 3150)Thank you for choosing to make a donation to the Kadhampa Buddhist Society of Australia.