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LAMRIM – The Buddhist Path to Enlightenment

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Initial Scope

1.   Stages Of The Path To Enlightenment
2.   The Qualities Of The Author
3.   The Qualities Of The Teaching
4.   Listening To And Teaching Dharma 
5.   Preparing For Meditation
6.   What Is Meditation? 
7.   Relying Of A Spiritual Guide 
8.   Our Previous Human Life 
9.   Meditation On Death
10.  The Sufferings Of The Lower Realms
11.  Going For Refuge
12.  Karma

Intermediate Scope

1.  Developing The Wish To Attain Liberation
2.  The Four Noble Truths
3.  Meditation On True Suffering
4.  Delusions And Actions, Death And Rebirth
5.  The Twelve Dependent-Related Links 
6.  The Wheel Of Life
7.  The Path To Liberation

Summary Charts

 Initial Scope

1.  The Stages Of The Path
2.  Preparing For Meditation
3.  Our Previous Human Life 
4.  Meditation On Death 
5.  The Sufferings Of The Lower Realms 
6.  Going For Refuge 
7.  Karma

Intermediate Scope

1. Understanding Four Noble Truth
2. Meditation on True Sufferings
3. Understanding Death and Rebirth
4. Understanding Delusion and Action
5. Interdependent Origination
6. Path To Liberation


1. Kadhampa Lineage 
2. Lojong – Training the Mind in Seven Points
3. The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation
4. Understanding the Mind


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